Liev Schreiber Picks Up His Son Alexander From School


It looks like it was dad Liev Schreiber‘s turn to do the school run this time around! The celebrity dad was spotted picking up his son Alexander from his elementary school in New York City on Tuesday afternoon.

Liev and wife Naomi Watt’s family just seem like the most quintessential New York City fam, right? There’s not a day that we don’t see them out and about! :-)

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Jamie Lynn Spears Shares New Twitpic Of Her Daughter Maddie

I swear these two have got to be the most beautiful looking mother and daughter duo in all of the celebrity world. Britney Spears‘ little sister Jamie Lynn posted this adorable photo of her and her 4-year-old daughter Maddie on her Twitter account for her fans on Monday afternoon. Jamie Lynn wrote that she was helping her daughter to her pre-school homework.

Tell us Babyrazzi readers, do your preschoolers have homework, and if so, how often?

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Christina Applegate Says She Is Just Now Transitioning Out Of Her Maternity Jeans

Gotta love Christina Applegate for her honesty here! The celebrity mom, who gave birth to her daugther Sadie Grace over a year and a half ago, says she is just now transitioning out of her maternity jeans. And yes, I can totally relate to her about that! She tells the ladies from The Talk:

“I just transitioned out of maternity jeans. I’m working on two years and I haven’t even lost all my weight.”

“And those girls that do, they’re spending less time with their kids. I just wanted to hang out with my daughter 24 hours a day.”

Kudos to Christina for making her daughter her priority in her life. We all eventually get back to those pre-pregnancy jeans sooner or later anyhow, right ladies? :-)

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Penelope Cruz: Women Can Be Happy Without Children, Too

According to celebrity mom Penelope Cruz, happiness for women isn’t necessarily defined by motherhood. The Spanish actress says that women who chose not to have children can be completely satisfied with their lives, too. She talks about it in an interview with the Guardian Newspaper, as well as about the character in her new film, Venuto el Mondo. She says:

On her character “I think this movie is homage to all women, a homage to motherhood. It’s a homage to that relationship of mother and child. A woman that doesn’t want children obviously can be happy without children. But one that wants to have children that much … it’s very difficult for her to be happy. Of course I understood all that before I became a mother. But after you give birth you understand in a much deeper way what Gemma was missing.”

Interacting with set babies while she was still nursing: “Some of these babies were only a week old. And so they were smelling me and that made them want to eat. But I was playing a woman who couldn’t feed because she hadn’t given birth! That created a very strange but alive dynamic between me and those babies. You cannot learn something like that. And this film is full of moments that could not be planned.”

On life as a working mother: “More and more I try to be more picky with my selection. I am now able to choose the work I do, which I don’t take for granted.”


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