Celebrity Blind Item: Who Needs Rehab?

blind folded manThis is one celebrity blind item that I’m hoping isn’t true. It suggests that an A-list singer might have needed to stop her tour for rehab because her drug use had gotten so bad. Read all the details about this blind item after the break.

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Child’s First Roller Coaster Ride (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

kid's first roller coaster rideWatching a child experience her “first” are fun, which makes this video especially appropriate for a Friday. Kira rode her first roller coaster, and her mother got the experience on camera. Check it out after the break.

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Madonna Misses Rocco

madonna and rocco in malawiI can’t even imagine what Madonna must be going through right now. She’s still separated from her son Rocco: he remains in London with his father, Guy Ritchie. They are all scheduled to appear in court next month to sort out custody.

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Ashlee Simpson Dropped Pregnancy Pounds In 5 Months!

Exclusive... Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross Take Jagger Out For LunchAshlee Simpson is back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Her trainer said she dropped the baby weight in just five months. OMG.

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