Jamie Lynn Spears Takes Maddie To Mardi Paws

jamielynnspearsYeehaw!  While Britney Spears’ boys play around with snakes and meet famous snowboarders, Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter Maddie hangs out and a good ole cowgirl festival.  Okay, it was actually Mardi Paws!

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Josh Duhamel Talks Potty Training Axl

Fergie & Josh Duhamel Out And About In Brentwood With AxlJosh Duhamel’s son Axl is already eighteen months old and the little tot is showing signs of wanting to start potty training.  Josh shared that Axl is fascinated by the whole thing and is trying to mimic his dad.

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Curtis Stone’s Sons Are Cool Cats

lindsay-price-curtis-stone-sonsThe future is so bright for the Stone boys, they gotta wear shades!  Curtis Stone’s wife Lindsay shared this sweet snap of their sons, Hudson and Emerson, wearing their coolest sunglasses.  [See More Pics & Read More…]

Katherine Heigl Shows Off Naleigh’s First Fancy Haircut

katherine-heigl-naleighSarah Jessica Parker’s daughter isn’t the only one get a new haircut this week!  Katherine Heigl’s girls both got new haircuts, but Katherine didn’t do it herself like SJP did!  The Kelley ladies both got to go and get “fancy” cuts.  Katherine shared, “Naleigh is getting her first fancy haircut!!! She’s lovin it.”

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