Trista Sutter Tweets About Son Max’s Hospitalization For Pneumonia

Former reality star and celebrity mom of two Trista Sutter has been helping her son Max battle pneumonia for the past 2 weeks.  Max seemed to be on the mend, but things took a turn for the worse and he wound up in the hospital.  Trista has been keeping friends and fans in the loop through Twitter:

Hoping 2 leave hospital 2day. Max’s o2 saturation is much better but have 2 wait & see if it holds. Thank u 4 sending thoughts & prayers 🙂

Lots of ?s about Max…once we’ve gone home,I’ll give u the 140 char rundown,but 4 now…never give up in seeking answers 4 ur sick kids!

he had iv antibiotics so i think we’re good. 🙂

Time 2 join my little man in his hospital bed. #favepartofday =watchin the Sutter boys play army guys,the
#1 sign that Max is getting better

Poor little fella!  We’re all sending our positive thoughts Max’s way.  Here’s to a speedy recovery!

Photos by Trista’s Twitter

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BabyRazzi on Twitter!

Celebrity Sweet Tweets: Trista Sutter Shares Her Adorable Duo

Former reality star Trista Sutter shared her adorable family on Twitter today.  The family took a little hike together through the fall leaves.

Oh how I love the Rocky mtns… (& some extra cute kiddos!!)

Just did THE most beautiful hike on VillagetoVillage trail with the whole fam…including our furry babies! Will post pics later. 🙂

PERFECT day for a hike in the Colorado aspen glow. Vail is absolutely at its peak beauty right now!

Do you follow Trista on Twitter?  She shares some really great stories and photos of her family.

Photos by Trista’s Twitter

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BabyRazzi on Twitter!

Sweet Tweets: Trista Sutter’s Kids Enjoy A Snowy Day

Celebrity mom Trista Sutter shared this adorable shot of her kids – Max, 3, and Blakesley, 2, playing together yesterday.  Trista and her family live in Vail, Colorado, and are apparently still dealing with snow. She shared on Twitter:

Winter, winter, go away. Come again…when its supposed to be a winter day!!!!!!

Fave part of day = the 20 minutes or so that my crazy kiddos actually got along today. Hoping for an exponential increase tomorrow. 🙂

Shot of day:Yes…underwear on their heads & yes I LOVE their imagination! Can some1 make this into a mop 2 ride?

Photos by Fame

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Trista Sutter’s Sweet Tweets

Gotta love these two Twitter gems from Trista Sutter. Well done, and both so true.


The Bachelor

Trista Rehn (now Sutter) appeared as a contestant on the first season of ABC‘s The Bachelor, where she was runner-up to winner Amanda Marsh. After becoming the runner-up of the show’s first season, she was selected as the first star of its companion show, The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette

After her appearance on The Bachelor, Rehn was selected to be featured in the gender-reversed spin-off. As part of her participation in The Bachelorette, Rehn was paid $1 million by ABC for affording the network the right to televise her December 6, 2003 marriage to Ryan Sutter, the bachelor she selected to marry on the show. The televised wedding, broadcast as the finale of a three-episode special Trista & Ryan’s Wedding drew over 26 million viewers, making it one of the most-widely viewed episodes in the history of reality television.

Photos courtesy of BabyRazzi’s Twitter!

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BabyRazzi on Twitter!