Rachel Dratch Was Afraid To Tell Her Parents About Pregnancy

Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Rachel Dratch gave her first post-baby interview to People magazine and chatted about giving birth early, being afraid to tell her parents, and dishing on motherhood.  Rachel gave birth to Eli Benjamin just 10 weeks ago – you can see his adorable photos here.  (we don’t own the rights to the shots)

She talked about giving birth four weeks early:

“I went for a routine visit and they said my fluid was low,” the comedienne, 44, recalls. “It was a month in advance, so I didn’t even have a bag packed! I had to go in that night. It was a big shock.”

Rachel admits that at 44 she was still afraid to tell her parents and boyfriend John Wahl was afraid to tell his, as well!

I almost felt like Juno or something. [John] thought his parents might be disappointed in him, but it was the reverse. They were instantly on board.”

“[My parents] looked kind of concerned — they’d never met John. But today, they’re so psyched. This is their first grandkid!”

Rachel enlisted the help of designer Nate Berkus to help her come up with a creative way to add a nursery to her one bedroom NYC apartment.

“It came out really well — it doesn’t look like it’s shoved in the corner. Eventually I’ll have to move, I guess, but he did a good job.”

Congratulations to Rachel and John!  Little Eli is SUCH a cutie!

Photos by FAME

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And The Winner Is…Rachel Dratch’s Boyfriend! Yeah!

Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Rachel Dratch told PEOPLE that the father of her baby is none other than her boyfriend, John Wahl, a California-based consultant to natural foods businesses. Dratch gave birth to their son, Eli Benjamin, on August 24.

Dratch told the magazine that she wasn’t trying to create drama around his identity but instead, was just trying to protect his privacy. But when she started hearing crazy theories about who the unknown man was, she decided to reveal the truth.

Dratch also revealed that she was floored that she could even get pregnant, as she was 43 at the time of her pregnancy.

“I had bought into all this stuff about, ‘Once you’re over 40…’ ” Dratch says of her chances of conception. “I’d gone through the whole process of letting go of [the idea of having kids].”

Dratch and Wahl are now living in NYC, enjoying their life together with their son.

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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