Take Bic’s “Fight For Your Write” Pledge To Save Handwriting #BICFightForYourWrite

Bic 30th Natalie Collage

BIC® Mechanical Pencils have been helping kids reach their potential for over 30 years and we want to celebrate, baby! Our family LOVES to write with pencils (I think you know why), and what better pencil is there than a Bic Mechanical Pencil!Join us this year as we celebrate 30 years of success!

Why does our family love these pencils more than anything else. How about that they are just so easy-to-use. Maybe because it’s super neat and clean…no sawdust here! Perhaps most importan, I really think that when you write something down, it makes a bigger impact on a person and their brains then just reading alone or typing on a keyboard. There’s just something to it, it’s always been, and will hopefully always be. Because when kids write, things click!

It’s because of my love and belief in writing, even in our tech-filled age, that I’m asking you to join the BIC Fight For Your Write mission to save handwriting by writing with BIC Mechanical Pencils! It’s so easy…just visit BICFightForYourWrite.com and sign the pledge to save handwriting*, then share the badge to tell your friends to do the same to support the cause! You can WIN a $1,200 BIC Prize Pack to help them write more at home!!!


So far, there’s more than 68K pledges…hello!!!

Here’s a little bit about the mission and why it’s just so important:

Join BIC on our mission to save handwriting and Fight For Your Write. Writing is an important vehicle for communication because it distinguishes us and promotes individuality. Did you know that writing is also a critical learning tool for children? Writing helps kids become better readers, boosts their confidence and sparks their creativity. Together we want to show children just how great writing can be… and how great they can be!

  • Improves Cognitive Development
  • Builds Self-Confidence
  • Betters School Performance
  • Helps Reading Skills
  • Sparks Creativity
  • Sharpens Critical Thinking Skills

I know that for my family, it’s pretty simple. We all retain everything so much better when we write it down. It also inspires us to do more and be more creative, too! I mean, handwriting engages 14 different abilities! What else can you think of that does that? Take a look:

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 5.13.12 PM

In case you weren’t sure how many ways you can get all of these awesome benefits for yourself and your family, BIC Mechanical Pencils come in SO MANY colors, styles, and feels. Check them out:

  • Xtra-Strong

o   Break-resistant leads

o   Perfect for students

  • Xtra-Shine

o   Shiny, light-reflecting design

o   1 BIC® Pencil = 2 ½ wood case pencils

  • Xtra-Sparkle

o   Sparkly, fun designs

o   1 BIC® Pencil = 2 ½ wood case pencils

  • Xtra-Life

o   1 BIC® Pencil = 2 ½ wood case pencils

o   Smooth writing, lead erases cleanly

  • Xtra-Precision

o   Precise, sharp and clean lines

o   Supports neat penmanship

  • Xtra-Comfort

o   Comfortable soft grip

o   1 BIC® Pencil = 2 ½ wood case pencils

  • Xtra-Craze

o   Intense Designs

o   Strong Leads

Bic 30th Liam Collage

So much to choose from!!! To find out more about BIC, please check out:

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*No Purch Nec., U.S. only, 18+. Ends 9/14/2015. For details and full rules visit bicfightforyourwrite.com

The TenMarks, an Amazon Company, Summer Math Program Is An Amazing Online Way To Keep Your Kids Sharp During The Summer #TenMarks

TenMarks Summer 1 Collage 6-15

It’s summer, baby! Time for fun, time for sun, time for some care-free living. Yes, that’s all very true, but let’s be honest…September comes along very quickly and the kids are just never even close to being ready. Its takes them weeks to get back into the swing of things are try to get back all they’ve lost, or at least tucked deep down below the beach, lemonade stands, and sleeping in!!

Research shows students lose two to three months of grade level math equivalency over the summer, which impacts their readiness for the next school year. TenMarks, which is an Amazon company and recipient of the 2015 CODiE Award for Best Math Instructional Solution, is working hard to keep students engaged over the summer to reverse learning loss in math before heading back to school.

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Summer Infant’s 3Dzyre Stroller Makes It Super Easy (plus giveaway)

Summer Infant 3Dzyre Collage

Summer Infant’s 3Dzyre Stroller is such an awesome stroller, I just had to share some of the info with you. The stroller includes all the features you would expect in a convenience stroller with the additional upgrades us parents just love to have. It’s a little but of comfort for one of our most basic child-rearing tasks. I mean, can you just feast your eyes on the following goodies and awesomeness?

The super lightweight aluminum frame (less than 14 lbs) is really the key for us. It makes everything so much easier. How much of a pain is it to lug and maneuver a giant stroller/carriage. It’s the worst, especially when you have bags, kids…life…swirling around you like a tornado. To make it even easier, the stroller has a one-handed recline that easily adjusts to 3 different positions. The 3Dzyre Stroller features one of the largest canopies on the market with zip out extension and peek-a-boo window so you little one is protected from those nasty elements and easily viewable for when they are looking for you or when you just want to gaze at your little one. There’s also a large storage basket, rear storage pocket, convenient carry strap for travel, and very smooth gliding wheels. Boom…

Basically…it pretty much has all that you need without all the hassle. I think we all could use a little bit less hassle in our days, no? Give it a shot, I think you’ll be very pleased and very relieved. Now about those kids, bags, and life…

Summer Infant 3Dzyre 2 Collage

The Summer Infant 3Dzyre Stroller is available in Gold Fusion, Lime Punch, Glacier Gray. Since it is so convenient and lightweight, please be sure to note that it only holds children up to 50 lbs.

For a list of specific retailers, or to find out more about Summer Infant, visit:

Suggested retail price: $129.99.

Now…for the great news…one (1) lucky Babyrazzi reader will receive a Summer Infant 3Dzyre Stroller of their own!!!

Summer Infant 3Dzyre Stroller

The Honest Company Has a Wonderful New Feeding Line #HonestFeeding

The Honest Company Logo

I’m sure many of you have heard of this company, but I just had to share some exciting news and information with you! The Honest Company is a leading lifestyle brand whose mission is to inspire and empower families to live a healthy life! The company’s Social Goodness platform aims to build healthy, safe families by investing in the whole development of children ages 0-3 and supporting young people in pursuit of their dreams. We love the brand in our house and have for quite a while now.

The wonderful products coming out of this company are really something you can depend on and count on when you are looking for the best to take care of your family. They offer more than 100 products including baby, personal care, home care, vitamins & supplements, gear & more.


So you know what they have to offer and what they are all about. You know it’s the best, so I had to let you know that the company is expanding it’s product line even further!! The Honest Company recently announced a brand new feeding line! You know how important this is. You have a brand-new, beautiful newborn or a little one that’s growing so fast and you just want to give them the world and only the best nutrition you can find. The Honest Company is here for you. Whether you want to breastfeed, bottle feed, or both, the following products are here for you and come from the best of the best. It’s something you can count on when you are caring for your precious little one.

Check out the new products below:

  • Lactation Plus $19.95: Highly targeted, scientifically formulated blend of botanical extracts and organic ingredients designed to help support breast milk production.
  • Baby DHA $19.95: Carefully sourced from premium fish oil with added Vitamin D3 that provides critical support for brain and eye development and earned the highest Five-Star IFOS rating for purity, potency, and freshness. 2-in-1 Nursing Cover + Scarf $59.95: Designed in collaboration with Piece & Co., stylish year-round accessory and easy privacy cover for nursing made of soft and breathable 100% organically grown cotton.
  • Organic Nipple Balm $13.95: Organic salve helps to soothe pain and irritation and encourage healing to relieve and revitalize nursing nipples.
  • Nursing Pillow $69.95: Foam-free and specially designed to offer stable support and comfort for both baby and mom, with a superior patented surface that gently angles baby to encourage optimal feeding position.
  • Natural Feeding Baby Bottle $12.95 (5 oz.) $14.95 (8 oz.): Features a highly innovative design using medical-grade silicone and peristaltic nipple to closely mimic natural breastfeeding, squeezable bottle and integrated tri-vent system to reduce gas, colic, reflux, and spit-up.
  • Natural Feeding Peristaltic Nipples (2) $4.95: Medical-grade silicone with flex accordion design allows baby to feed in natural, wave-like motion to provide easy assimilation and transition between breast and bottle-feeding.
  • Certified Organic Premium Infant Formula $29.95: Carefully modeled after breast milk, nutritionally complete, easy to digest, and meticulously blended using ingredients sourced from trusted organic farms, made without GMOs (genetically engineered ingredients) and “Honestly Free” of gluten, pesticides, carrageenan, hexane-extracted DHA, antibiotics, growth hormones,, and artificial colors and dyes .
  • Formula Dispenser $6.95: Convenient 3-compartment solution for easy, hygienic feeding: anywhere, anytime.


It’s pretty exciting stuff! I’ve already given Caleb the Baby DHA and we are so pleased. We mix it with his drink and he just slurps it right down! Next up with be the formula. Yes, I know, he still gets his “ba-ba” right before be every night. The others didn’t but he’s our little baby and we are holding on. Plus, it’s a great form of nutrition for his little body, especially on those days when running and throwing is maybe more important than eating his veggies!

All of this goodness is available on Honest.com and in over 2,500 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada,Honest offers effective, safe, beautiful, accessible, and responsible products.

To find about more about The Honest Company and it’s fab new feeding ling, check them out on:

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