Out & About with STELLA in LA


Super-cute celebrity dad Matt Damon always makes times for his little ones, and we are seriously digging the bond this actor has with Stella. The daddy-daughter duo was spotted out and about in LA yesterday afternoon. Despite Stella’s clear ability to walk, Damon prefers to carry his little girl, and she is clearly not complaining!

Stella got a lift from Dad en route home from school. She was in bright pink leggings and heart-print sneakers, and toting an orange lunchbox. Damon’s hat read, “Lucky,” and we have to agree–he definitely is.


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Celebrity Baby Birthdays: Gia Zavala Damon

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso are celebrating the third birthday of their daughter, Gia Zavala!

Gia was born on August 20th, 2008 and is the third oldest daughter in the Barroso-Damon household.  Her sisters are: Alexia, 12, Isabella, 5, and Stella, 10 months.

We don’t have rights to any of Gia’s photos, but you can get a peek at her here.  It’s from the year she was born!  Such a cutie!  Matt really takes great pains to keep his daughters out of the media.

Happy Birthday Gia!

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Celebrity Parents – And Kids – Turn Out For ‘Spider-Man’ Musical

Celebrity mom Cindy Crawford and her kids, Kaia and Presley, were among the many celebrities who turned out in NYC for the opening night of “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark“.

Other celebrity parents enjoying a date night out: Bono and his wife Ali Hewson and also Matt Damon and wife Luciana Barosso.

Hopefully ‘Spider-Man‘ will pull through its seemingly “doomed” existence and be a hit.  It’s been plagued with so many injuries, mishaps, and bad reviews, let’s hope this final version is a winner!

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Matt Damon Knows All The Disney Princesses

Raising four girls does come with a price – actor Matt Damon knows all the Walt Disney princesses.

“No job is as important to me as my role as father,” he said.

“Whenever I get the impression that a project is taking me away from my family too much, I get out of it.

“I do actually know all of the Disney princesses unfortunately. Disney knows exactly how to speak to three year olds — unbelievable!

“It’s a wonderful new world. I’m really happy that I have daughters. My brother has two sons that are teenagers now. And they’re like a different species!”

However, four girls does keep Damon pretty busy.

“As soon as the alarm clock rings, you have the feeling that you’re running all day long,” the actor says. “But we knew that it would be like this as soon as we brought the [youngest one] home the first night… After a while we got used to the rhythm of it.”

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Matt Damon’s True Grit Shoot Interspersed With Regular Family Trips

Matt Damon spent most of the True Grit shoot in the air – he regularly flew home to New York from the film’s set in Texas to see his family.

The actor hates being separated from his wife, Luciana Barroso, and their children and insists on a “two-week rule” when he takes on any movie jobs – telling his bosses he cannot go more than 14 days without seeing his loved ones.  And True Grit directors Joel and Ethan Coen happily accommodated Damon’s home life by fixing his schedule so he could jet to the Big Apple at least once a week.  The actor tells CNN’s Piers Morgan,

“We don’t do well when we’re apart and I don’t wanna be apart from my kids.

“For instance (with) True Grit, my deal with Joel and Ethan was I told them about the two-week rule and they scheduled the movie so that I was actually never away from the family for more than one week.

“I was like a travelling salesman – I’d get up, go over to Newark (New Jersey airport), catch the flight, go to Texas, work for two days and turn around.”

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