Little Monroe Takes The Mike!

mariah carey's daughterIt’s like mother, like daughter in the Carey-Cannon family! Mariah Carey posted this picture of her daughter, Monroe, on Instagram.

“mommy Roe Roe wanna sing mommy!” Ms. Monroe just can’t stay away from momma’s mic.. No matter where we are!

It looks like Monroe truly is her mother’s daughter- LOL. If you look through the pane of the glass door, you can see little Moroccan seems to be “investigating” (i.e., getting into something) in the other room. Typical boy! Isn’t this picture adorable?

Photo Courtesy of Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Debuts Twin Photo On Twitter!

Mariah Carey debuted a photo of her two-month-old twin, Monroe, on Saturday (June 25) that was quite humorous in its delivery.

She tweeted the message, “#dembabiesruntings -This is baby Monroe saying “no pictures dahhhhling” at 7+1/2 weeks..oh dear.”

Accompanied with the tweet was the photo seen above. Clearly Monroe is not ready for her pictorial debut!

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Nick Cannon Calls His Daughter “A Diva” Just Like Mariah!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s twins, Moroccan and Monroe, are already two-months-old, and taking after their parents.

“My son is laid back like me,” Cannon, 30, told Us Weekly Tuesday at the Mercedes-Benz Gala opening in NYC. “My daughter’s a diva like her mom!”

And how exactly does he know she’s a diva? “When my daughter wants something, she’ll let you know immediately,” he laughed. “With [our son], you kind of feed him when you get around to it, and he’s okay with that.”

It sounds like they have their work cut out for them with little Roe!

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Mariah Carey Says No More Children With Nick Cannon: “I’m Done!”

I supposed having two babies come out of one’s body would scare anyone away from having anymore children and Mariah Carey feels just that – done!

But Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon have been at a standstill when it comes to having more children.

When asked whether he wants more, Nick said: “I do, Mariah doesn’t! She was like, ‘That’s it, I’m done! Two at once!'”

Nick and Mariah welcomed twins, Moroccan and Monroe, into the world on April 30th and have yet to released an official first photo.

“It was an intense pregnancy to carry twins around,” Cannon continued. “She was a trooper. She’s feeling amazing now. She’s back on her feet doing her thing.”

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Mariah Carey’s Daughter Already Taking After Mom

Mariah Carey’s daughter Monroe is only a couple of months old, but she’s already showing personality traits like her mom.

“My daughter is, that’s her mothers child,” said Nick. “Like she is like a diva. She sleeps like this with her hands. She’s like, when she wants something, she’s instantly crying letting you know likes she’s going to be a little handful.

And of course Nick sees his little man acting like himself.

“And it’s crazy because you can see like my son is definitely more like me. He’s like chill, laid back.”

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