Celebrity Sweet Tweet: Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy and her son Evan, 9, are spending their first day of summer on a road trip!  The celebrity mom shared the above photo with the Tweet:

Leaving on a family road trip! Whoop whoop!

and a few hours later:

Road trip with child = We almost there mom? Are we almost there? Almost there mom? Gotta pee mom. Almost there? Gotta pee again! There yet?

I think we can all related to that one!  Road trippin’ with kids is never boring!

Photo by Jenny McCarthy’s Twitter

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Jenny McCarthy Talks Vaccinations And Her “Ladies Man” Evan

Celebrity mom Jenny McCarthy has upset many with her firm stance that there’s a link between vaccinations and autism.  A recent medical journal report claims that no such connection exists, but Jenny, who has written two books on her own experiences, stands firm:

“People aren’t just listening to what this doctor has said, or listening to me.  People are listening to their neighbors and friends. That’s why this story has stayed so powerful. How many times in the media have they tried to disprove the connection? Numerous times. But why does it keep coming up? It’s the power of the people. Many, many more parents out there are still concerned about that connection.”

Jenny’s son Evan recently suffered a seizure and she shares that she relives the nightmare of past seizures:

“I count my blessings every day. We’ve been through hell and back.  I was on the treadmill [recently] and burst out crying, thinking of a time when he’d had a seizure and I had to call 911. I’m still living those mommy nightmares. But he’s alive, talking and happy — and everything is OK.”

Jenny shares that Evan, 8, is discovering girls:

He’s totally in love with women.  He’s got pictures of three girls above his bed, that are all like 16, 15 and 14, and he’s only 8.  At night he’s like, ‘I’m on the phone and I need my privacy,’ ” she jokes. “He’s a total ladies’ man. But I don’t know if he’s going to be the most romantic Casanova in the world … or Hugh Hefner.”

Have you read Jenny’s books on healing her son’s autism?

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Jenny McCarthy’s Son Suffers Seizure

Jenny McCarthy’s son has been hospitalized after suffering a seizure.

The blonde beauty’s eight-year-old son Evan was diagnosed with autism when he was aged two following a series of fits.  The youngster suffered another seizure on Monday (2/14) and McCarthy rushed him to the emergency room of a local hospital for medical attention.  In a series of posts on her Twitter account, she wrote,

“Ugh. Evan had a seizure. We r in the ER. He’s doing better. Just laying next to him. Could use prayers again right about now.

“Up all night. Evan Still battling 103.5 fever. Thanks for well wishes. They were nice to read at 3am. Kept me company.”

McCarthy told fans on Tuesday (2/15) that Evan still had a high temperature, but reassured them the youngster was doing better on Wednesday (2/16) by posting a picture of her son eating spaghetti and adding,

“Watching wall-e with Evan.”

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Jenny McCarthy Creates Non-Toxic Baby Bedding

Model-turned-actress Jenny Mccarthy is helping to put new moms at ease – by launching her own range of eco-friendly crib bedding.

The star’s Too Good line features all-cotton sheets, blankets, rugs and hampers and all materials used are non-toxic.
McCarthy admits she was inspired to create the collection because she was well aware of the fears she faced as she brought up her son Evan, eight.  She tells Us Weekly,

 “I was psychotic about keeping my house clean, so I wanted items without harsh chemicals.”

Too Good will launch in mid-tier retail stores this spring/summer.

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Jenny McCarthy Talks More Children

Jenny McCarthy is thinking about having another baby.  

Reaching almost forty, the 38-year-old actress already has an eight-year-old son, Evan, with ex-husband John Asher.   Maybe it’s McCarthy’s biological ticking, or maybe she just wants some siblings for her son.

“Evan’s so funny, he’s the love of my life,” she said. “I live for making his life the best it can be. I feel like the potential of maybe getting married and maybe having another baby on my own is out there. Even though the clock’s ticking, well not really.”

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