Cher Holds Small Screening For Documentary ‘Becoming Chaz’

Cher held a small screening of the upcoming documentary Becoming Chaz at her home over the weekend, according to People magazine.

“I admire my son Chaz’s courage for sharing his personal journey,” Cher said.

“Most important to me is that he is very happy. That’s what I care about the most. He has my love and support.”

And I admire Cher for being supporting and loving to her once daughter and now son.  I’m sure it hasn’t been an easy journey for either of them, but the fact that they both found love and peace in the end is admirable.

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Cher Has A Lot Of Regrets About Her Parenting

Superstar Cher regrets trying to juggle motherhood with her chart-topping career in the 1970s and believes she would have been a better parent if she’d waited several years to start a family.

The “Believe” hitmaker and her first husband Sonny Bono welcomed daughter Chastity in 1969, when the singer was just 23 and their double act Sonny & Cher was at the height of its success.  She later married rocker Gregg Allman and had a second child, son Elijah, in 1976.  But Cher was often so busy balancing her job as an entertainer and a mother, she fears she failed to lavish her kids with the attention they needed.

In an interview with news show 20/20, the 64-year-old says,

“I have been a good mother in fits and starts, but when you do work like mine, and I’m like most working mothers – they never feel like they’re doing a good job because they’re never able to devote enough time.

“I have a lot of regrets about my parenting… Maybe I should have had children when I was older.”

The 20/20 chat aired on Friday night (11/19).

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Celebrity Parents Attend “Burlesque” Premiere: Christina Aguilera, Cher, And More

Celebrity parents were dressed to the nines last night as they attended the premiere of “Burlesque” in Hollywood at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Some of the celebrity moms and dads who enjoyed a night out: Cam Gigandet, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Will Ferrell, Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane, and Debi Mazar.

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Cher Opens Up About Four Miscarriages

Cher was more relieved than most first-time mums when she gave birth to daughter Chasity after suffering four miscarriages in the mid-1960s.

The superstar has opened up about the pregnancy problems that she and her husband Sonny Bono experienced early in their marriage, admitting she grew tired of announcing her baby news to family and friends and then having to tell them of a miscarriage.  She tells,

“I lost four kids before Chaz. It’s a spontaneous miscarriage, something that spontaneously aborts the foetus. It’s called an angry uterus.

“It took a long time for someone to tell me that that’s what it was. It just starts to contract, for no reason. After the third time it got to be a nightmare. People would be congratulating me because I was pregnant, and then I wouldn’t be, and then they would be like, ‘Oh, we’re so sorry.’ I thought, ‘God, I don’t want to have to hear this anymore.'”

Chastity, 41, has since undergone gender reassignment surgery to become a man and is now known as Chaz.

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Celebrity Baby Names of the Day

How about twofer Tuesday…where you get 2 kids for the birth of 1!

Cher & Sonny Bono

Why would any kid have an identity crisis and want to become a man? Seriously, having these issues must be terrible. Hopefully after the dust settles, he’ll actually be able to live a happy life. From’s Biography:

The only child of famed entertainers Sonny and Cher, Chaz Bono is an LGBT rights advocate, author, and speaker. Chaz recently began gender transition in the public eye, where he continues to impact change and create awareness and visibility for this cause.

Although Chaz came out as a lesbian to his parents at 18-years-old in 1987, he did not publicly come out until April 1995 in an interview with The Advocate, the national gay and lesbian news magazine. Chaz’ decision to come out prompted his public work in support of LGBT rights and social justice. Chaz contributed as a writer-at-large to The Advocate, and shortly thereafter became the spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, promoting National Coming Out Day. Chaz also served as Entertainment Media Director for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), working behind the scenes with shows like Ellen and Will and Grace,and on films including The Jackal.

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