Makes Safe Landing With Ryder, Bingham, And Matthew Bellamy

Kate Hudson And Family Arriving On A Flight At LAX

Kate Hudson and her family arrive at LAX yesterday to a throng of photographers.  Kate, Matthew Bellamy and her children, Ryder and Bingham, were all snapped as they arrived back in Los Angeles.  Ryder was looking happy as ever as he flashed big smiles at his mom and step-dad-to-be.  Bingham was safe and snuggly in his sling tied tightly to Kate.

Kate has been hard at work on three new films.  Lucky for her, two of them have been shooting in London and one is in L.A.   That must work perfect for Kate and Matthew since they split their time between the two cities.  Kate could be in town to film her part for Zach Braff’s new project “Wish I Was Here”, in which she co-stars with Ashley Greene, Jim Parsons and Joey King.  She’s also working on “Good People” and “Born to Be King” back in London.  It looks like all three might be releases in 2014.  I’m excited to see Kate back on my big screen!


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Head Over Heels For Daughter Lincoln

Spike TV's 6th Annual "Guys Choice" Awards in Culver City

‘Parenthood’ star Dax Shepard and actress Kristen Bell welcomed their daughter Lincoln three months ago and can’t stop gushing about their new baby girl.  Dax attended this weekend’s TCA event for his hit show and shared how life is going as a new dad.

Dax shared that being a dad has been an intense love, admitting it has been just like all those cliches you hear about.  “When I look at her, it’s like when I was in 7th grade and fell in love for the first time, where it’s debilitating.  That’s available 24/7 if I want, which is amazing.”

The celebrity dad is no slouch when it comes to being hands-on.  He is a diaper changing pro due to his past experience.  “I was older when my little sister was born, so I had done this before.  I had changed a couple thousand diapers already a couple million times, so I wasn’t too afraid of [fatherhood], and it’s been nothing but wonderful.”

Kristen was also gushing about her overwhelming happiness with motherhood and getting back to work as her former fan-favorite character, Veronica Mars.  At Comic-Con, she dished,  “It was hard because I always wanted to be with the baby a ton.  But also, I was so excited to be with my friends again. It’s almost too much joy, if that’s possible.”

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Saturday Shopping With Her Sons

Heidi Klum Goes To Her Starbucks With Her Boys

Heidi Klum and Martin Kristen enjoyed a morning with Heidi’s sons, Johan and Henry.  The family headed over to Starbucks for morning fuel and then headed over to Whole Foods to grab groceries.  Henry and Johan look like they’ve both had a major growth spurt – they’re getting so tall!

Heidi’s career is showing no signs of slowing down.  The supermodel mom is not only part of Project Runway and now America’s Got Talent – she has just signed on for a part on comedy “Parks and Recreation“.  Heidi is reportedly going to play the part of a mayor in a town in Denmark on the series’ premiere episode.  I don’t know when this celebrity mom takes time to sleep!

In other Heidi news, she has revealed the photographer behind her sexy and semi-nude photos that she’s been sharing on Twitter.  Heidi shared that it’s her own mom who has been snapping the racy shots!


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Getting Crafty With Satyana And Keeva

Exclusive... Alyson Hannigan & Family Shopping At Michael's

How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan was spotted shopping with her daughters, Satyana and Keeva, and her husband Alexis DenisofAlyson carried Keeva into the Michaels Craft store and was seen pushing Satyana in a cart as they left.

It looks like Alyson and her crew were going to get crafty together this weekend.  She seems like the type of mom that would do amazing projects with her kids.  They are always so creative in other areas of their lives, so it would make sense, right?

Do you have a Michaels Crafts?  I love browsing in the store, but I don’t have a crafty bone in my body, so it’s always a “just looking” type of situation.  Do you enjoy doing craft projects with your kids?

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