Three Babies In Her Future?

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Nick and Vanessa Lachey are preparing to celebrate their son Camden’s first birthday and the debut of Vanessa’s new show “Dads”.   At the Television Critics Association’s summer press event Vanessa shared that she’s excited to expand her family with Nick.

Vanessa shared, “I look forward to expanding.  We talked about three. I’ve always loved having a big family and truth be told, when I’m old and gray I’ll need a couple of them to take care of me!”

The proud mom also shared that Camden is growing fast and just gearing up to start walking!  “He’s standing and two days ago he did his first shuffle holding onto something. I’m excited. I already dress him like my husband so I can’t wait to see him walking and looking like my husband!”

Nick and Vanessa have often talked about their desire to have a large family.  I bet it won’t be long until we hear that they’re expecting again!

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How Her Son Changed Her Career Path

CW, CBS And Showtime 2013 Summer TCA in LA

Anna Faris gave birth to her son Jack eleven months ago and she’s sharing how it has changed her career and her priorities.   Anna is known for her hilarious movie roles but is now making the leap to TV with the upcoming comedy “Mom”.

Anna explained why she’s ready for TV,  “I have a son. So I was sort of thinking, ‘You know, maybe I’ll just let my husband [Chris Pratt] work, and I’ll just laze around, sit by the pool.”  Then Chris picked up a script she left sitting on the counter and it all changed.   “I had left the [Mom] script on the kitchen counter, and my husband picked it up. And he read the first page, and he said, ‘Whatever you’re doing, put it down right now.’ He’s like, ‘This is you.’ And it felt like that.”

Anna is excited to take on a strong and multifaceted character.  “Every once in a while you get fortunate enough to play a role that kind of feels like Cinderella’s shoe. And this felt like she’s so dimensional. She’s a mess, which very much like me. And it’s a story about relationships and character. So that format was really appealing to me. I’ve played a lot of one-dimensional characters in my career that haven’t been so bright.”

I can’t wait to check this one out!

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Baby’s First Class With Luca


Something tells me that this little boy is no longer a baby but a full-grown toddler! Celebrity mom Hilary Duff was spotted once again taking her son Luca to their Baby’s First Class while in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Thursday afternoon. This time around they also brought Hilary’s husband, Mike Comrie.

Check out all of our fun photos below!

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She’s Ready To Give Duke A Sibling!

VH1's 2012 Do Something Awards

It looks like Giuliana Rancic is indeed ready for another baby! The celebrity mom opens up to In Touch Magazine about her family plans and how she’d like to give her son Duke a little sister to play with. Here are some highlights:

Sounds like you’re really looking forward to having a little mini-me!
Yes! I’ll buy her an American Girl doll and they can wear the same outfit, then I can get an adult version of the outfit so the three of us match. I’d Instagram that all day long!

How would Bill feel about that? 
He’d probably be freaked out! But sometimes I secretly dress Duke in the exact same outfit as Bill for a barbecue or something. Then it takes Bill an hour to figure it out.

So are you guys already trying for baby No. 2?
We know we want to, but we don’t know when. I can’t get pregnant because I’m on medication [related to her 2011 breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy], but we’re open to surrogacy again – and I have embryos ready on ice!

Has it been hard juggling your busy career with being Duke’s mom?
In the beginning, I was so stressed. Like, I needed professional advice on how to balance it all. But I’m getting the hang of it now. I make my coffee and clean up the house with Duke on my hip.

How do you two split baby duties? 
It’s crazy. Last night I had Fashion Police until 11, so Bill put the baby to bed and I had morning duty. Duke gets up at 5am, so yeah, we don’t sleep that much. But it’s ok!

To be honest with you, I’d love to see Giuliana and her husband Bill have another baby. Duke is absolutely adorable and they make the cutest family! Here’s hoping Giuliana can find a surrogate by the end of the year!

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