Shops With Her Grove Gang

Heidi Klum & Family Shopping At The Grove

Heidi Klum showed off her best biker chic as she shopped away the day at The Grove with her four kids, Leni, Lou, Henry and Johan.  Heidi was sporting a black leather jacket, tight skinny jeans and black booties.  Her kids were fashionable as ever, with Leni in a sweet blue printed dress and matching solid blue coat.  Leni toted along her doll for the outing.

Heidi has had a whirlwind week! The celebrity mom attended the Emmy Awards (she was nominated for hosting Project Runway), ran errands with her kids and hit the red carpet for America’s Got Talent and then headed off to London last night!   She has obviously mastered the art of sleeping while multi-tasking because there’s no other explanation on how this mom gets it all done!


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The Parker-Broderick Clan Hang in NYC


It’s growing increasingly clear that there’s one thing that matters much more to Sarah Jessica Parker than fashion–and that’s her tight-knit family. Late yesterday afternoon, SJP and hubby Matthew Broderick (whose arm is still in a sling after shoulder surgery) took a fun-filled walk with their twin daughters Tabitha and Marion.

The group seemed like any other New York family, soaking in the last semi-warm days of the season and laughing as they strolled. And while Broderick is still working with just one arm, SJP couldn’t help but carrying her almost-four-year-old girls. Love it!


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Reveals Scary Start For His Twins


True Blood star Stephen Moyer is reflecting on the first year of parenting twins with wife Anna Paquin.  The couple welcomed twins Charlie and Poppy prematurely last year and Stephen shares that things were looking scary for a short time after their birth.

Stephen opens up, “It’s just all so amazing — they had a tough start. They were early and it was touch and go there for a while and so anything is amazing. Spitting up the first solid food is just fantastic!  It does consume your every thought, and sometimes you cope with it really well and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you’re desperately terrified and other [times] you’re so tired you can’t think of anything, so you just get through it like everybody does.”

Now that their kids are doing well, Anna is excited that they’re getting ready to walk, but Stephen warned her to be careful what she wishes for.  He joked,  “I think Anna’s very excited about them walking and I’m like, ‘Just wait — our lives are over once that happens!’”


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Aviana Heads Off To School

Amy Adams & Darren Drop Off Aviana At School

Actress Amy Adams and her fiance Darren Le Gallo head off to school with daughter Aviana on Friday.  Amy was in a great mood as they did the school drop off, smiling and chatting.  Aviana was sporting a sweet pair of cotton capris in colored stripes with her cute pink tennis shoes.

I’m surprised Amy finds time to even brush her hair nowadays with her jam-packed schedule!  Amy is enjoying a tiny break right now while she waits for her next film, Batman vs. Superman, to start production. Check out this list of new projects she has recently wrapped up: Lullaby, Her, Big Eyes and American Hustle.   I’m most excited about American Hustle, but I’m sure the rest of the world is psyched about Batman vs. Superman!


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