Meet The New Cast Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 13

On Monday night, during a telecast of Bachelor Pad, ABC announced the cast of Dancing With the Stars season 13, and this season is sure to bring the drama!

The new season premieres September 19. Here is a list of the contestants vying for that mirror ball trophy:

LGBT Activist, Author Chaz Bono, 42

Actor David Arquette, 39

Actress, Host Ricki Lake, 42

Reality star Kristin Cavallari, 24

Reality star Rob Kardashian, 24

Fashion guru Carson Kressley, 41

LA Lakers Player Ron Artest, 31

George Clooney‘s Ex-Girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, 32

Singer-Actress Chynna Philips, 43

TV Host Nancy Grace, 51

Veteran, Soap Star JR Martinez, 28

Soccer Superstar Hope Solo, 30

Photos by Fame/Pacific Coast News

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Brooke Burke Says ‘Balance Is A Joke’

‘Dancing With the Stars’ hostess and mother of four Brooke Burke sat down with the new issue of Redbook to dish on motherhood and finding time for date nights with fiance David Charvet.

“When I was a new mom, I used to think that life was going to be balanced, and I strived for that. I gave up on the expectation that everything was going to be picture perfect.”

“Balance is a joke.”

Despite having a house full of kids, (Neriah, 11, Sierra, 9, Rain, 4, and Shaya, 3), she and David find ways to sneak in some alone time:

“So maybe on Sunday night, we’ll go out to dinner at a favorite Malibu restaurant. Or at home, we get the candles, the music — the whole deal — and we close the bedroom door.”

“We have a rule in our house that you have to knock on closed doors.”

“Someday the kids might be like, ‘I smell the candles. I hear Maxwell playing’ .  But thank God they’re not old enough to figure that out yet. I do not want to have to explain that one!

Photos by Fame

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Celebrity Sweet Tweets: Alison Sweeney And Brooke Burke

Alison Sweeney is getting a good workout in by sledding with her kids.  She shared the above photo with this tweet:

Carrying your kids up the hill to snow sled = great work out!!!

Brooke Burke shared:

My daughter thinks she’s Hanna Montana.

So cute! Reason #1,723 why I love Twitter!

Photos by Twitter

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Celebrity Baby Birthday: Shaya Braven Charvet

Dancing with the Stars‘ host Brooke Burke and fiancee David Charvet celebrate their son’s birthday today.  Shaya Braven Charvet turns three!

Shaya is the youngest of Brooke’s four children which include: Neriah, 11, Sierra Sky, 8, and Heaven Rain, 4.

Happy Birthday Shaya!  We hope your day is magical!

Photos by Fame

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Brooke Burke Sweet Tweeting The Loss Of The Tooth Fairy

The fabulously stunning @Brooke Burke tweeted about the trials and tribulations of your kids growing up.  They chip away slowly but surely, here taking the Tooth Fairy away from mom…ouch.  If it’s not already gone, Santa is not too far away, and that would be a terribly sad day, at least for me. As a side note, is it general inflation or being a celebrity’s kid, but $5 for a tooth now?? Wow. I can’t wait until I’m 85. Man, I’ll be rich!

I’m so sad… My 10 yr old doesn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy anymore. Just cashed in her molar for $5

Photos by Pacific Coast News; Tooth Cash courtesy of Brooke’s Twitter

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