‘Victoria’s Secret Angels’ Adriana Lima And Karolina Kurkova Talk Modeling And Motherhood

Victoria’s Secret models Adriana Lima and Karolina Kurkova have more in common than just being “Angels”, the two are also moms of one-year-old babies. Karolina gave birth last July to her son Tobin, and Adriana welcomed daughter Valentina last November.  The two model moms dished on motherhood and balancing work.

Adriana said coming back to do the Victoria’s Secret show this year was great, but it was a lot of hard work.

“Coming back this year is quite exciting.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to lose the baby weight.  To find time to go to the gym with sleepless nights is not easy — trust me. Every time Valentina would take a nap, I would go to the gym. So 50 pounds later, I’m here!”

Karolina shares her new perspective on the runway event:

“It’s kind of fun doing it from a new perspective — as a mother. Not just as a young woman, but as a young woman who has a family, who has a son, who has a husband.”

Kurkova says she feels empowered this year, feeling she has transformed into..

“this powerful mama who can deal with anything, do everything.  I take care of the house, I cook, I work, I walk the runway.”

“I said to my son this morning, ‘Mommy’s gonna be an angel for a day and then she’s gonna be right back, okay?’”

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Adriana Lima Will Support Her Daughter No Matter What

Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima says that since giving birth to her daughter Valentina last year, she feels sexier than ever.

I’m in love, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Adriana says she’s no hypocrite when it comes to her daughter’s future, even if she wants to become a model just like her mom:

“I will support her whatever she may become — a model, a ballerina, a doctor … whatever makes her happy,”

Little Valentina will turn one next month and her parents are already prepping her for the big day:

She just started clapping her hands a few days ago.  I’m teaching her the ‘Happy Birthday’ song so when she hears it, she’ll know how to do it. I have friends that have babies so we’re going to get together and celebrate.”

Did you feel more comfortable with your body after you had kids?  Well, I’m sure if we all looked like Victoria’s Secret models we’d feel pretty darn fantastic, right? 😉

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Limas Don't Say Mama First

Ahhh…it’s like yesterday. The slight, faint muttering of a barely coherent “dada.” Still sends chills down my spine. It was such an event, both times, to hear it.

Well, supermodel Adriana Lima told In Touch at the Victoria’s Secret Supermodels Launch of Bombshell in New York that her baby girl Valentina’s first word was not “dada” and not even “mama” but “Ivy.” Huh? What’s an Ivy and why is she saying that? Well, the little one is apperently enamored with the family Maltese.

“The dog was barking, so I said, ‘Ivy, no!’ And she said, ‘Ivy!’ It was really amazing, and so funny.”

Adriana and husband Marko Jaric, an NBA player, had their first child last November. Adriana is ready to model again, thankfully, having maintained her stunning curves.

“Motherhood was a great thing for my career. I feel sexier and more confident right now.”

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