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Red Carpet Appearance With His Kids


Wow! Talk about two very gorgeous children! Ethan Hawke looked like he was a very proud daddy as he posed on the red carpet with his two older children, Maya and Levon while at the premiere of his latest movie, “The Getaway.” Ethan stars in the action-packed film alongside Hollywood cutie Selena Gomez.

But seriously, these kids are cute, aren’t they? Levon looks like his mother Uma Thurman while Maya has her dad’s good looks. Check out our photos below and let us know what you think!

Photos by FameFlynet

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Ethan Hawke Opens Up About Being A Celebrity Dad

According to Ethan Hawke, it’s not easy being a celebrity dad and that’s why he’s trying his best to raise his four children out of the Hollywood spotlight. The actor opens up to Prestige Hong Kong magazine about how it’s like to raise his four kids, Maya, 14, Levon, 10, Clementine, 4, Indiana, 1. Here are some snippets:

On raising his four children: “I try not to be desperate at all with anything with the kids. Having four of them you see how little control you have. When I had my first [with ex-wife Uma Thurman], I thought my parenting was so important but when you have four of them you realize human beings are so completely themselves, they are so unique unto themselves, that it doesn’t have that much to do with you. I mean obviously you want to create a situation where they’re healthy and have a good education. But apart from that you don’t have any control really about whether they’re literary or whether they’re interested in sports.”

On a YouTube clip of Maya playing in a cafe: “She’s super-talented. She writes her own music and we went and played eight of her songs. She’s only 13, so I don’t know if its going to be an interest she sustains over a lifetime, but I was happy to see her have this creative outlet.”

On how his kids deal with having a famous father: “They don’t care who I am. They get annoyed that I get recognized. We live in a culture where people think it’s such a great thing, to be LeBron James or to be Leonardo DiCaprio or Whitney Houston or Elvis. People think an amazing level of success is exciting but the truth is that it’s so destructive – celebrity, fame, power. A little bit of it is a wonderful thing, but it ruins lives. In some strange way I always knew I didn’t want to be Tom Cruise. It’s not that I didn’t want the work. I would love to get every director wanting to work with me because I could get the green light for their projects. But the price is too high. It’s just too high.”

Photos by Prestige

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Ethan Hawke Shoots Hoops With His Son

Actor Ethan Hawke was spotted hanging with his son, Levon, over the weekend.  Ethan and Levon and a group of friends hit the basketball court for a few games in the meat packing district of NYC.

Levon looks so much like his mom (Uma Thurman), doesn’t he?


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Ethan Hawke Describes Time After Divorce As “The Black Years”

Actor Ethan Hawke may have a great life now, but he tells  The Guardian that his life after divorce from Uma Thurman in 2004 wasn’t the best.

He said, “I call it the black years. It was really difficult. It was difficult in ways I couldn’t even see at the time. There was the obvious way in which it was difficult – the death of a dream, the inability to parent in the way that you want to. But for me it was – what’s that Dante quote? ‘At the midpoint of my life, I’ve come to the part of the forest where the straight way is lost.’ Nothing teaches you like getting leveled. And I got leveled in my early 30s.”

Hawke, 41, added, “Nothing went exactly the way I thought it would. Wait a second: love isn’t real and, holy s**t, I put all this energy into not making the same mistake my parents did and I just re-enacted them all! I thought I was so much smarter than everybody. And I’m not.”

To Ethan, age had a lot to do with it. “I’m really the right age now. I like being home. When Mia was born, I was 27. It was three years after Reality Bites came out. I look at pictures of myself and wonder: what was I thinking?” What was he thinking? “I think I thought when I was younger that I would, like, get things and then it would all be easy. You’d be able to walk whatever road you wanted and then sadly you would start having arthritis, but by then you’d have kids and everything would be fine. I didn’t really understand what a meandering road adulthood is.”

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Ethan Hawke Is A Real Multi-Tasking Dad!

On Sunday (Sept. 18), Ethan Hawke was spotted pushing his daughter Clementine in a stroller and carrying what looks to be his newborn daughter Indiana in a sling while out and about in New York City.

I’m definitely loving those slings. They seem like the hip thing to do with your newborn. And look how handy they come in. Ethan is definitely able to multi-task!

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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