Molly Sims Gets Candid On Her Third Pregnancy


Actress and model Molly Sims is expecting baby #3 very soon and she’s getting candid on her pregnancy. She also reveals if she’s done expanding family.

In a new interview with Momtastic, she shared a look at how her third pregnancy is going so far. In a word: tough! “I was sick with Scarlett but not Brooks, so we thought for sure we were having a girl—but surprise, it’s a boy! Now I’m getting toward the last six weeks and I’m tired. I look like a bus hit me. I have an icy-hot patch on the back of my neck because I have a cold and I sat up and now I can’t move my neck. I feel like he’s going to come out of me, because he’s so low since it’s my third pregnancy. It’s been rough!”

Molly, already mom to Brooks, 4, and Scarlet, almost 2, admits that she’s nervous to juggle three kids. “I’m excited but I’m also nervous. I worry about Scarlett more than Brooks because she is used to getting all the attention as the baby in the family. At the same time, I can only do the best I can do. I’m giving them a present—another sibling that they’ll have for life. But it’s definitely nerve-racking. It’s nerve-racking to be older and delivering, too.”

Molly also shared with the site that she is done after baby #3 an that husband Scott Stuber doesn’t know it yet, but a vasectomy is in his future!  Read her full interview here.




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