Michael Phelps On Post-Olympics Life

michael phelps and son boomerMichael Phelps told reporters after participating in his final event at the Olympics (and adding another gold medal to his collection) that while this was the end of a major phase of his life, a new one was beginning that involved marrying fiancee Nicole Johnson and being a father to his son Boomer. Now that he’s home in Arizona, he’s reflecting on the beginning of his post-Olympics life.

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Michael told People:

I was carrying a car seat in one hand, and a diaper bag in the other hand. Nicole was carrying Boomer. And I was like, “Wow. This is my life. I’m that dad.
“It was crazy but awesome at the same time. To have it sink in that he’s here, he’s healthy, and I’ve found a stability that I didn’t have before.”

I’ve always wondered if part of the problems he had was because he had no focus when he wasn’t swimming. Think about all the time being an elite athlete takes: once you’re done competing, you probably don’t know what to do with yourself! Now Michael has found something.

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He had this to say about all of his accomplishments and what it means for him right after he finished competing, while he was still in Rio:

It’s great. And I really want to use it all to advance the sport of swimming. But for now, it’s not my focus. For now, I’m a family man.”

Michael shared a little bit about his and Nicole’s wedding plans.

I’m really blessed. She’s really good for me. I really can’t wait to get married. It will be a small destination wedding later this year. It’s the next big milestone I’m looking forward to.”

Yeah, weddings are a pretty big deal- LOL. And of course People asked Michael the obligatory question: Is he really retired? Michael replied:

For the millionth time, I’m retired. I keep saying it, and people keep answering, ‘well, maybe he doesn’t mean it this time.’ But I do.
“I’m finally ready to retire. That’s the best part. In 2012, I think I forced it. I just wanted to be done; I wanted nothing else to do with the sport. This time, coming back and being able to finish how I did, it was exactly how I wanted to do it.
“I want to continue the sport of swimming. I’m not going to give up until I think it’s reached where I want it to go. There are too many kids who are drowning for lack of water safety. That’s something I’d like to do. Teaching kids to live an active lifestyle. I’ll be working with kids for the rest of my life.”

Michael acknowledged that fatherhood has changed him.

I became fatherly in everything I do. I even see that in swimming. As the captain of the team. The things I was saying and doing, I see myself becoming more of a father figure.
“I’m leaving here and going home, and it’s going to be all about Boomer. I only get this chance with him once. So I’m going to take this time to be a hands-on dad.
“Fatherhood has changed me. And I like it. I’m ready for this new stage of my life.”

Awww… Michael’s grown up! Parenthood will do that to you :). Here’s the latest post on Boomer’s Instagram page:

Daddy and I just hanging while mommy is shopping !!

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