Hilaria And Alec Baldwin Dish On Their Kids

hilaria baldwin and kidsWhile Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria, await the arrival of baby #3 (a second son), they have their hands full with two little ones: Carmen, who’s two and a half, and Rafael, who’s 11 months old. It turns out that Carmen and Rafael take after their father in one respect.

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Alec is known for being opinionated. It turns out his kids are, too. Hilaria said:

Carmen is very opinionated.”

Alec chimed in:

[She’s] very verbal. Just interesting phrases. This morning, I said, ‘Would you like to sit down and read a book with me?’ And she said, ‘Of course.’ She’s very sophisticated.”

She’s listening to her parents ;).

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Meanwhile, Rafael is about to become even more mobile. Alec explained:

Our son is a moment away from walking. He’s tough, a tank. But happy — he’s a very happy child.”

Hilaria said:

He’s almost walking, but he’s very interested in crawling because he likes his independence. He wants to smash everything.”

That sounds like a little boy, all right! It turns out he’s not quite as verbal as his sister. Hilaria explained:

Our daughter started talking at 5 months. Compared to her, he doesn’t talk as much. His words are ‘Mama,’ ‘Dada.’ ”

Just give him time; I’m sure he’ll be talking plenty when he has something to say ;). Hilaria posted this sweet photo of them on Instagram:

Photo Courtesy of Instagram

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