Did Kourtney Kardashian Dye Mason’s Hair?


Celebrity grandmother Kris Jenner stirred up a controversy with an innocent photo of her grandson Mason! Kris posted this sweet pic on Twitter last night, writing “My Boo’s a creative genius #mason #grandparentsday #grandson #love #proudgrandma #lovie.”

Seems innocent, right? But the fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians are up in arms! Why? Because of Mason’s black hair! Mason is normally seen with a sandy brown – sometimes almost blonde – hair color, but in this photo shared by Kris, his hair is a startling shade of deep black.  Is it really Mason? Is it a photoshop joke? Or could it be that Kourtney Kardashian decided to dye his hair?

Fans and followers are leaving plenty of questions for the Kardashian matriarch but she hasn’t addressed the controversy just yet.

There could be so many explanations for this, what do you think the answer is? This kid almost looks too little to be Mason (look how short these arms are compared to Mason’s now), but why would Kris gush over him as Mason if it’s not, right?  And maybe Mason’s hair went dark like the rest of his family’s in a matter of a few weeks!

What do you make of it? If Kourtney dyed his hair, is he too young for that? At what age would you dye your kid’s hair?

Mason just last week:

Photo by Twitter

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