Kim Zolciak’s Kids Are Stylish Even When Sick


Kim Zolciak is in the middle of filming the newest season of her hit reality show “Don’t Be Tardy” and life is chaotic, as always!  The family just returned home from a vacation in Florida and now four of Kim’s six kids are down for the count with the sickies!

Kim Instagrammed about their illnesses, writing “My life right now. all 4 littles are sick! #EarInfections #Coughing #Fevers #INeedWineStat (Kaia wouldn’t leave the house in her pjs even with a 103 fever) I can’t with this little DIVA.”

Kim’s four youngest kids, Kaia, Kane, KJ, and Kash, are seen sitting in the doctor’s office with their face masks on – don’t want to spread those germs any further!



Little Kaia was feeling a teensy bit better later in the day and decided that Cheetos are all that would taste good. (now that’s my kind of sick day…)

Kim shared, “One of 4 little troopers!! These last few days have been crazy in my house! The only thing I could get Kaia to eat today was Cheetos…   until @cheftraceybloom came in and played a game with green beans and She shoved 8 in her mouth!   can’t handle sick babies it’s horrible! we are on our way to feeling better Thank God! Thank you guys for all your prayers and kind words   off to bed goodnight! #103.8FeverAndSheIsStillSmiling.”

Aww, we hope the Biermann babies are feeling better VERY soon! Poor kids! It’s the worst when they’re sick because you’re so helpless!


Photos by Instagram


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