Kim Kardashian Losing 2 Lbs A Week On Atkins Diet

Kim Kardashian Heads To La Scala In Los AngelesKim Kardashian is dropping those pregnancy pounds! She signed a deal to do the Atkins diet to lose her baby weight, and she’s got a plan in place to lose two pounds a week.

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Kim’s Atkins nutritionist described their weight loss plan.

We can pace the weight loss at 2 lbs. a week, so that it won’t affect her breast milk and she gets adequate protein from chicken, fish and some meat.”

Two pounds a week isn’t easy, but I bet Kim can do it!

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She’s been sharing tidbits of her weight loss journey on twitter, like trying to get motivation to workout:

She’s also shared pictures from what look like early morning workouts:

At least Kim has some pretty scenery to admire! I don’t envy her working to drop the pounds so fast: many new mothers are just trying to make it through the day while they take care of a newborn. Yet I’m sure Kim will be ready for a nude photo shoot by summer!


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