Hot Dad Of The Day: Ricky Martin

ricky martinOh my… is it getting hot in here? If you’re looking for a nice view to kick off the day, or some workout inspiration to make that New Year’s resolution to lose weight/get in shape/get healthy, then celebrity dad Ricky Martin is happy to oblige!

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Ricky tweeted:

Oh yeah, that’s some workout inspiration right there- LOL. My goodness, I don’t think there’s an ounce of bodyfat on him. Do you see even an ounce? That is one buff bod right there.

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Ricky is living proof that being a dad doesn’t mean your hotness has to disappear. He’s the father to seven-year-old twins. Here’s a picture he posted of one:

One son clearly is a fan of the beach:

My #life. Mi #vida

A photo posted by Ricky (@ricky_martin) on

Something tells me he takes after his Daddy ;). Ricky said he practices yoga regularly and modified his diet by becoming a vegetarian.

Two years ago if you would have asked me, ‘Would you become a vegetarian?’ I would’ve been like, ‘You’re crazy! I love meat!’ I am not eating meat at all, and I feel amazing. My cholesterol is stable, my head is clearer, I sleep better, my energy is where it needs to be.”

I’m not sure anything can give me to give up meat, but if yoga gets your body this lean, then Sign Me Up. Ricky’s looking HAWT.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram

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