Camille Grammer Reveals That She And Kelsey Still Don’t Communicate About Their Kids

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Not all Hollywood parents have amicable splits and can co-parent as peacefully as Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe or Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons!  Some celebrity splits are just plain heart-breaking, especially when it comes to the kids.  Camille Grammer’s divorce from Kelsey Grammer is one of those tumultuous breakups.

When the couple split, Kelsey was already living with his new girlfriend (now wife) Kayte Walsh in NYC.  From the day that Kelsey and Camille separated, he refused to speak with her – not even where the kids were concerned.  Camille shared a while back that the kids she shares with Kelsey (Jude and Mason) weren’t even allowed to talk about her when they’re at their dad’s house.

Bravo caught up with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star to ask how things are between them these days.  Still not good, according to Camille.

She shared, “We still don’t talk. I mean, there’s no communication. It’s only through second and third parties. And it’s very frustrating and difficult to raise children when you have to go through assistants and bookkeepers or nannies to communicate what would be an easy email or text, especially about medical things or anything — schools, medical, homework assignments, everything. People do get divorced. OK, it does happen. The divorce rate is pretty high now. A lot of people I know that are divorced do communicate with their ex-spouses, and they’re able to co-parent. And it’s been very difficult to me knowing that somebody I was with for so long can’t, because I can. And when I heard him on Oprah saying it’s not possible, “She just can’t.” No, it is possible. It’s very possible. My friends do it. I know people that do it. I know lots of people that do it. It’s very possible, maybe not on his end, but he shouldn’t say it’s me. So that’s all him, it’s not me, because I’m open. I forgive people. I’m a very forgiving person. I don’t hold onto grudges.”

She maintains that Kayte also refuses to get to know her and is very rude.  “I remember always trying to reach out the first few times I met [Kelsey’s current wife] Kayte [Walsh] saying, “Hey, you know, we need to talk for the kids.” She was always rude to me. So I tried, but she was rude to me. So, you kind of give up if somebody’s always rude to you.”

How sad.  I hope these two can work through their issues for the kids’ sake.  I can’t imagine the situation is easy for them.


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