Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Is Wild About Horses – Photo


Jessica Simpson’s kids get cuter by the second!  The fashionista mom shared a few new photos of her mini model kids, Maxwell and Ace. Jessica and her husband Eric Johnson are in New York City and are having plenty of fun with their two kids.

First Jess showed off Maxi hanging out by a horse (perhaps in Central Park?) with her daddy Eric.  Maxwell is too cute in her animal print faux-fur coat!

In other cuteness news: her son Ace Knut had a blast with the fact that it was raining out.  He skipped the rain boots and went to town in a puddle with his hi-tops on.

Fullscreen capture 12142015 124836 AM

Jessica captioned the sweet photo with “STOMP.”

She shared another shot of Maxi, this time hanging out while on a car ride, decked out in her trendiest kiddie couture.   Jessica captioned that photo “Own It. #Maxwell.”  This kid should be doing modeling for kids’ lines!

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