Anna Paquin Will Finally Have A Project Her Twins Can See!

The Los Angeles Premiere and Final Season of HBO Series TRUE BLOOD

Anna Paquin’s kids have a long, long time before they’ll be old enough to see some of their mom’s work – like True Blood, Almost Famous and others.  But the mother of twins, Poppy and Charlie, is very excited that her latest project will be enjoyed by them very soon! 

Anna is voicing a character in the new animated film “Good Dinosaur” and will let her daughter and son see it.  On her choice to take on this movie role, “Honestly, I loved Pixar films from before I had children. So I can’t say that it was entirely that.  Added bonus that I’ve now done something that my kids can watch at some point, because most things I do are definitely not kid-friendly. Ever. Even when I was a kid. So, that’s nice. But no, I’m a huge Pixar fan just as films.”

Are you planning to see Good Dinosaur?  It looks so sweet!  I can’t wait to see it when it releases on November 25th!

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