Jessica Biel Says Parenthood Is a Hard Job


Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are finally getting a little “looser” on sharing info about their baby boy Silas.  Last month Justin spilled some insider tidbits about their son and now Jessica is the one gushing over him and her life as a mom!

In a new interview the first time mom shared that she’s loving every minute, even thought it’s very hard work.  “He’s wonderful. He’s just a joy. It’s an amazing, amazing experience. Incredibly hard—the hardest job in the world, and I’ve never been more thankful and grateful to my own mother. Oh my gosh, I just, I’m gonna call her right after this, actually, and just thank her because what she, what you have to do for your kid, it’s an amazing responsibility and the biggest joy ever.”

She also revealed that Justin is very hands on, getting up for feedings and diaper changes, “He is doing it all.  He is in there, he’s in there deep.”

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