Nicole Richie Hopes Her Kids Never Get Tattoos

Nicole Richie & Samantha Ronson Take Her Daughter To FAO SchwarzCount Nicole Richie among the many parents who now regret ever getting tattoos, at least some of them!  Mark Wahlberg has been open about the removal of his tattoos and hoping that his kids see how much it hurts and never want to get any themselves.   And Nicole is also crossing her fingers for the same thing.

Nicole recently talked about her tattoo regret – especially of the one on her neck.  ”I was a 19-year-old idiot when I got this tattoo on the back of my neck. You can see it now with the short hair but people aren’t asking about it, which is nice. I haven’t gotten a new one since I was 21.”

She has 8 tattoos on her body and shared that she hopes her kids, Harlow and Sparrow, see dad Joel and uncle Benji and change their minds on ever getting any.  ”Joel has [tattoo] sleeves and his twin brother, Benji, has tattoos on his neck and his face. I’m just hoping that my kids will be so embarrassed of them that they’re not going to have any. It happens!”
Hopefully that’s the way it goes for Nicole, but sometimes it backfires with “you guys have them, so I want them, too!”
Photo by Fameflynet

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