Angelina Jolie Lands In L.A. with Twins Vivienne and Knox

Angelina Jolie Returns To Los AngelesAngelina Jolie is back in L.A. after a quick trip to London for a conference (more on that below).  The celebrity mom was snapped as she arrived at LAX last night with her youngest kids, twins Vivienne and Knox.

This week Angelina was in London to officially open her center for women, peace and security. The new center, launched at the London School of Economics, will aim to educate students about the participation of women in “conflict-related processes” and “on enhancing accountability and ending impunity for rape and sexual violence in war.”  Congrats to Angelina!

In other Angelina news, as per usual, there are rumors flying that Angelina and Brad Pitt are considering adoption again.  A few outlets report that they are hoping to adopt a boy in Syria that Angelina bonded with on a goodwill trip there.  We’re not holding our breath on this one…


Photos by Fameflynet


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    Yes it doesnt but that wasnt an argument in favour of miscegenation laws, and nor is it an argument against re-defining marriage to allow for same sex unions to be classed as marriage. Again, I understand the appeal of such comparisons – oh to be able to elevate your cause to the same moral status as opposition to racism! But the trick doesnt work.

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    it in my first comment, if you would have cared to read past “At the Least”. Chez stated his opinion, and I agreed for the most part, but then I stated my opinion. I didnt expect to get heckled by the regulars just because I’m new to this site and don’t see everything a guy I’ve never heard of before today as gospel. I could understand why people would be mad about someone bringing up comedians if NO MENTION had been made on the subject by the author, but Chez brought it up. You can’t expect people to not talk about the number one on a top ten list, no mater the topic.

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    Chandlee: Super resources! Sometimes I forget about the Riley Guide- shame on me, you are right, it is a classic. I loved how you explained using Twitter “…no mutual agreement required to connect.” I think that’s what makes it such a rich experience. It provides an opportunity to network with people you never could otherwise.

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