Will Marry For The Kids?

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Kate Hudson is giving off mixed messages about her desire to get married to fiance Matthew Bellamy.  The couple has been engaged since April of 2011 and Kate seems to be on the fence about the wedding actually happening, yet looks forward to it?  In a recent interview on The View, she shared that if the kids want her be married, she might.  At least I think that’s what she said.

Kate dished with the ladies, “I just don’t have—I’m happy. We’re married. We’ve got kids and a family and we’ve got to find our time together alone.  We are in it. I think if we do get married it will be for the kids, really. For us, we’re just happy.”  Then she adds, “I know that’s not really necessarily a golden ticket but there is something beautiful about the security of marriage.  And we’ll get there when we get there.”

Anyone else trying to follow that?  I guess it boils down to “wait and see” and we’ll know when she announces it to the world..or doesn’t.

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