Found His Co-Parenting Groove With Ex-Wife Jessica

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Actor Josh Lucas split from his wife Jessica at the beginning of the year, but the two have kept things amicable.  The celeb dad says they’ve now found their co-parenting groove and things are fantastic when it comes to parenting their son Noah, 2.


Josh shared about their current parenting situation, “We’re just basically now at a point where we’re co-parenting in a way that’s thoroughly and amazingly enjoyable.”

Josh and Jessica are blessed with a laid-back boy.  “He’s just got this magical, happy spirit and extremely positive personality. He wakes up and goes to sleep laughing or smiling. And he’s a kid who really doesn’t know how to have a tantrum. When he has a tantrum, he doesn’t do it very well. You can see he’s totally confused by it.”

It’s always sad to see a family split, but kudos to them for making the best of the situation!

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