Has A Cute Grocery Helper


Danielle Jonas picked up a few goodies at the grocery store – including this adorable package!  Danielle did some food shopping with her baby girl Alena this week and showed her off on Instagram.    “My best friend and me food shopping she’s excited lol as you can see #love #blessed.”


Maybe Danielle and her husband Kevin Jonas are stocking up snacks for their Celebrity Apprentice viewing parties!  Kevin was a contestant on the upcoming season but everyone has had to stay hush hush about how far they made it in the competition.  Hopefully Kevin was able to win some big money for the charity of his choice!

Photo by Instagram


  1. Yazmean says

    Well this pregnancy totally convinced me that Kevin isn’t gay as rumored…. because I don’t care if he is! So what? He’s not the first and won’t be the last. Be who you are!!!

  2. Just Saying says

    I know this is going to start the Jonas fans to go nuts – there’s STILL something totally not “right” about her “pregnancy”. Surrogate? OWN it dear, there’d be more compassion and acceptance. In fact, you might look REAL.

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