Takes The Twins To Disney

mariah carey moroccan monroe

If anyone is going to do Disney in high heels, it’s the always fashionable Mariah Carey.  The celebrity mom shared this snap of her Disney day out with twins Moroccan and Monroe.  The singer, who is promoting her new album, was sporting a pair of sparkly Minnie Mouse ears as she helped the kids with their Mickey ears.


Mariah’s husband Nick Cannon gave a candid interview this week, sharing that Mariah is tough when it comes to her nannies.  “The minute the child chooses to go to the nanny before they go to the mom, I would have an issue with that, too.  The nanny doesn’t discipline them. So, when we say, ‘no,’ they go and give them whatever they want.”    He then shared how they let the nannies go!  “Everything is on a trial basis. We are always traveling, so the nanny just might not get a plane ticket to the next city.”  Wow!  That’s one interesting way to find out you lost your job…

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