Kids Mean No Longer Living The Gypsy Life

Halle Berry On The Set Of 'Extant'

Halle Berry is settling down a little more!  The actress is taking on a new TV role in the show “Extant” and she explains that having two kids now prompted her to take the steady gig that is Television.  In a new interview she chats about the consistent routine and juggling career and kids.


Halle shares, “I no longer can afford to have the gypsy life. This [show] allows me to stay home and still do something really creative and cool that I love.” I’m sure toting two kids around movie set locations wouldn’t have been easy for her!

Halle also shares that women are just good at tackling several things at once.  “I know I’m not alone. Women have done this forever. We are built to multitask. When you think, ‘How can I not sleep, nurse and work?,’ you just do. We are machines like that. We are built to do this.”

Photos by Fameflynet

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