Playing Dress-Up With Her Twins

kim zolciak twinsNew mom (for the fifth and sixth time) Kim Zolciak is enjoying her twins, Kaia and Kane! She posted these adorable selfies of them on Instagram. Kane looks pretty relaxed, and Kaia not so much. Kim explained why.

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Kim’s caption for Kaia’s picture explains why she’s not too upbeat.

Playing dress up yesterday with Kaia… She hates anything on her head as you can see she is pouting.

Oh, too cute- LOL. Kane, meanwhile, is just enjoying being held.

Baby Kane today with big sister @arianabiermann holding him as always #hiseyesmeltme

Yes, his eyes are something, aren’t they? It looks like Kim’s older daughters are enjoying being big sisters! Aren’t the twins adorable?

Photos Courtesy of Kim Zolciak-Biermann


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