Shares His Biggest Fear For His Teen Sons

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Celebrity dad Liam Neeson has been raising teen sons, 17 and 18, by himself since the passing of his wife, actress Natasha Richardson, five years ago.  Liam sat down with the new issue of GQ where he admits he stopped drinking more than a year ago and opens up about his parenting fears and visiting Natasha’s grave.

Liam shared, “My boys are teenagers. They’re experimenting. They’re flexing muscles and sometimes dangerous avenues, and you think, ‘F––. If Tasha was here, someone could share this.’ But yeah, we’re doing all right, you know?”

He says the biggest worry for him is drugs.  “It’s f––ing drugs. It’s a virus. A teenager can take it and suddenly they can be hooked, and it changes their life and their family’s forever. That’s my constant worry. And I trust them, and they’re sensible boys, but it can be just that chemistry that doesn’t work.”

He also shared that he’s not dating and not interested at the moment.  Liam also still visits her grave every week.  “Tasha, she’s buried up near our house. Old cemetery. Her grandmother, too. I go see Tasha once or twice a week. Just to talk. I like it.”

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