Do Lunch

January Jones Takes Her Son To Lunch‘Mad Men’ star January Jones and Xander do lunch. They’re even color-coordinated without being matchy (which wouldn’t be so cute). This is one good-looking mother-son duo, isn’t it?

I thought about January when I saw the new trailer for ‘X-Men Days of Future Past.’ She was in ‘X-Men First Class’ but hasn’t been back since. I bet January’s slowing down her working schedule so she can spend more time with Xander.

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Those are the trade-offs any parent has to make but especially a single one! January has never publicly named Xander’s father, and as far as we know, she’s parenting solo. With all of that responsibility, I bet January has her hands full with ‘Mad Men,’ work-wise.

Photos by TrickyD/FAMEFLYNET

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