Family Fun After Lunch

Exclusive... Hilary Gives Luca A Piggy Back Ride After LunchNow that Luca Comrie is two, he’s getting a bit big for Hilary Duff to carry around in her arms! So Hilary has resorted to an even more fun mode of transportation: piggyback rides :). Here’s Hilary, Luca, and Mike Comrie leaving a restaurant after having lunch together.

Luca looks like he’s really enjoying his piggyback ride, doesn’t he? I used to love getting those as a kid, so it makes complete sense to me.

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And it’s certainly easier on the arms, so I can understand Hilary resorting to giving Luca a lift this way. It looks like Hilary and Mike are managing to still get in plenty of family time despite their decision to split. Good for them! I’m sure it’s helping Luca adjust.


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