Explains Why She Doesn’t Buy Lorenzo Fancy Clothes

snooki and lorenzo

Celebrity mom Snooki never shies away from her followers that hurl negativity at her on Twitter and Instagram.  She embraces it, sometimes with sass and sometimes by taking the high road and just educating them or sharing her side of whatever is being thrown her way.  As crazy as it sounds, many people have wanted to know why she doesn’t dress her son Lorenzo in “nicer” clothes.

Snooki, who is reportedly pregnant with her second child, took to Instagram to defend her wardrobe choices for Lorenzo.  Snooki wrote, “To all my followers who care so much about why I don’t dress my son in “nice clothes”…because he’s a kid.  He gets dirty. He poops on his clothes.  He prefers to be in comfortable sweats like his father than a button down and jeans that are tight.  You will understand when you have children of your own.  Lorenzo will continue to rock sweats all day.  Bless.”


It’s very odd to me that people would even question it?  Are they wanting him to wear designer clothes? Or just “Sunday best” type clothes?  Toddlers are way more comfy in sweats and t-shirts!

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  1. Grandma_of_Four says

    Good for Snookie! She gets that her little boy is just that…a little boy…who plays, explores, and probably spends a good deal of his time on his knees! 🙂

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