Shares What Her Kids Did For Their Sixth Birthday

 American Idol XIII Season Premiere Event

Can you believe it’s already been six years since Jennifer Lopez welcomed twins Max and Emme?!  The singer and ‘American Idol‘ judge sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to share the details of her kids’ big day.  Jennifer shared their birthday party theme and dished on their same-day birthday haircuts!

Jennifer shared that Max and Emme decided on a birthday bash at the trampoline park.  “They had their birthday at a trampoline place. You know, where you just like jump on trampolines all day.”  She added, “I loved it. They were asleep by eight o’clock,” Lopez said. “I was like, ‘Woo! Gotta do this every weekend.’”


She shared that both kids got their hair cut on the birthday.  No more man buns for Max, “He had just cut his hair.  You know, he was wearing the little man bun for a little while.” Take a look at the video for a clip from their interview.


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