Surprises “Just Listen” Tot (Video)

ellen degeneres show listen linda toddlerRemember the argumentative 3-year-old on the viral video? The one who kept telling his mother, “Just listen, listen, Linda” when trying to argue why he shouldn’t get in trouble for trying to sneak a cupcake? We already know his mother’s name is Linda, and the toddler’s name is Matthew. Ellen DeGeneres loved the video so much, she had them on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’

The parents have reaped some SERIOUS rewards from this viral video, which has gotten millions of hits. People reports the family has launched a website called Matthew Wants a Cupcake which sells t-shirts that say “Linda Honey Honey Listen.” The proceeds reportedly will go to Matthew’s college fund. Ellen also had some surprises for both Matthew (YUM!) and Linda, as well as the family overall. Take a look.


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