Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Defends Her Parenting Of Sophia


Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has had a rough journey through stardom since she hit the screen on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant.  She’s raising her daughter Sophia alone after her boyfriend died while she was pregnant.  She has made a few mistakes along the way – a DUI, a leaked sex tape and more.  Farrah takes a lot of heat in the press and she lashed out on Instagram this week, defending herself as a very good mom to Sophia, who is now 5Farrah makes the rounds doing appearances and recently did a season of “Couples Therapy”, so fans think she’s abandoned her daughter because of it.  She took to Instagram to vent.  “I had an amazing day with my BooBoo Sophia ( : ( That picture I previously uploaded was from about a week ago so for all you people saying im never with my daughter. I am. I provide for her. I watch her. I raise her. I love her. I dress her. I take care of her. If im not there with her for five damn minutes everyone thinks im a bad parent!!!”

Farrah continued her rant, “YOU GUYS DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE I AM AT ALL TIMES AND I’M WITH SOPHIA AND YOU STILL TALK S*** ”  She added, “Look , I am a damn good mother. Unless your there and with me 24/7 don’t judge my life by what you hear from resources and tv and what you see on it. :)))) Thank you. Goodnight.”

Farrah does have a point.  What we see in the media is a 3 minute snippet of their lives.  A few minutes at an event, 20 minutes of film out of countless hours that were actually taped, etc.  I can understand some of her frustration over the backlash she gets!

What do you think?  Are celebs judged too harshly for doing their jobs?

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