Hot New Video Clip – Angelina Jolie Shows Off Maleficent’s Wings


The countdown is on.  We’re just a few weeks away from the premiere of Angelina Jolie’s movie “Maleficent”The film has been sharing little tidbits on her Twitter account and they’ve been downright creepy at times, but it has us super excited, too!  Today they released a new clip about Maleficent’s wings!  “Follow the dark fairy @Maleficent now. Tomorrow may be too late. There is evil in this world. Hatred. Revenge. But evil has a beginning. Do you want to learn the truth about #Maleficent? Follow NOW before it is too late.”

They Tweeted out those snippets and then shared the new video, “The truth about @Maleficent has been revealed. Tweet #MaleficentsWings to share the truth about the dark fairy.”

In the new clip Maleficent reveals, “I had wings once. And they were strong, but they were stolen from me.”

It gives us goosebumps!  Are you excited for this flick?

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