Topher Grace Helped To Deliver Her Son!


Jaime King had a little help when her son James Knight was about to enter the world!  Jaime’s husband Kyle Newman was on location directing a film when Jaime was in labor, so their good friends Lana del Rey and Topher Grace stepped up to the plate!  Jaime, who chose Topher to be their son’s godfather (along with Jessica Alba as godmother), says he was her stand-in husband for the delivery.

Jaime shared, “I was in labor for 26 hours and Topher was my surrogate husband … and [Lana’s] like my sister, one of my best friends. They were there with me for 26 hours seeing things you would never imagine friends would ever, ever, ever see. We turned it in to a slumber party — they slept on couches and chairs next to my hospital bed.”

She says Topher was doing everything a dad-to-be would do, “Topher was really amazing. He was like, ‘Okay doctor, what are our options here? What is an epidural? What does it do? What’s the next step?’ ”

Aww, it’s nice to have such a great group of friends to count on in any situation!

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