Talks Vaccinations And Explains Why She Opted Out

Pregnant Kristin Cavallari Gets Sirius

Celebrity mom Kristin Cavallari got candid this week about her choices as a mom.  During an interview she revealed that her son Camden isn’t vaccinated and she has no intentions of doing so.  She shared, “You know what, I’ve read too many books about autism. There is a pediatric group called Homestead or, shoot, Homestead or Home First — now I have pregnancy brain, I got them confused — but they’ve never vaccinated any of their children and they’ve never had one case of autism. And now, one in 88 boys is autistic, which is a really scary statistic.”

During Kristin’s interview on Fox, ex MTV VJ Kennedy responded defensively with “Well, my mom vaccinated us, and she doesn’t have any cases of autism either. Isn’t that weird?” Ouch.   Kristin tried to explain, “But the vaccinations have changed over the years. There’s more mercury and other [stuff]…”

Today she shared that the response was harsh, but Kristin doesn’t condemn other moms for their choices, “It is a harsh response. You know, it’s not something that I publicly wanted to come out and say. I was in an interview and it came up, and it wasn’t what I was expecting. But, you know, listen, to each their own. I understand both sides of it. I’ve read too many books about autism and there’s some scary statistics out there. It’s our personal choice, you know, and if you’re really concerned about your kid, then get them vaccinated and it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Good for Kristin for standing her ground!  Not vaccinating is so much more common than it used to be.  I think it’s ultimately up to the parent to do the research and make the decision that is best for their family.

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