Movie Date With Maddie And Mom

Exclusive... Jamie Lynn Spears Enjoys A Movie With Her Mother & Daughter

Look how big she is getting!  Actress and country singer Jamie Lynn Spears is enjoying a visit from her mom Lynn.  Jamie Lynn and her daughter Maddie ducked out to see a movie together with mom Lynn yesterday afternoon in Kensington, Louisiana.  They were spotted as they left the theater together.  Maddie was carrying her doll, wrapped up in a cool animal print blanket.

Jamie Lynn does a good job keeping Maddie out of the public eye and has focused on her music career over the past few years.  She shares a lot of fun updates on Twitter and Instagram.  I’ve been waiting for her music to “catch on” and get a little more mainstream love.  I’m still secretly missing her on Zoe 101.  I confess that I’d watch it with my kids back in the day!

Photos by Fameflynet

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