Argumentative 3-Year-Old (Viral Video)

toddler arguing with motherI think A LOT of parents can sympathize with this mom- LOL. This mother titled the video “My 3 year old must argue and debate everything!” When her three-year-old began arguing, Mom decided to film it and then post the video on youtube. Listen to this little boy going “Listen, Listen Linda” and even say, “Honey, look at this” when his mother tries to lay down the law. I cracked up when he declared, “I’m done arguing with you” after she said the same thing.

Something tells me this mother has a budding trial lawyer on her hands! I do wonder if he got the “pow pow” in the butt after she turned the camera off, though. What he’s doing is cute now, but it won’t be so cute in another 8-10 years.  Yet I still can’t help laughing at this video. He’s adorable right now, isn’t he?

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