Ballet With Her Mini Fashionista

Sarah Michelle Gellar Takes Her Daughter To Ballet Class

Celeb mom Sarah Michelle Gellar was on a mission with daughter Charlotte Prinze.  The two were headed off to ballet class this week.  Charlotte was super cute in her tutu and leg warmers, paired with a white headband and she carried a fun camo print bag for her gear.  Sarah was chic but casual in her white pants and black cami with a beige cardigan.

Charlotte is her daddy’s mini-me, isn’t she? All that dark hair and she has his smile, too.  What a sweetheart!

Sarah shared recently that Charlotte has been cultivating her own garden and is very proud of it!  “My daughter has her own garden and she grows her own vegetables. She takes pride in watering them and taking care of them and cooking them. She had her first show-and-tell and I asked her what she wanted to bring, and she said vegetables from her garden. She shared them with her friends and it showed that if we teach these children young to take pride and ownership of this world; that is going to make a difference.”

Photos by Fameflynet

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