Talks Kids’ Activities And Balancing Career

 Heidi Klum Takes Her Kids Out For Breakfast

Celebrity mom Heidi Klum must be one of the most organized moms out there.  With juggling the schedules of four active kids plus her own crazy-busy career and other projects, she has to be!  The mom of Leni, Lou, Henry and Johan dished on motherhood and career and making it all work.

On her favorite family activities:  “We love to paint. I also do all of their activities, like they do soccer on Saturdays and gymnastics. They like to change things up too, as they get bored and want to try different things. I have gone through karate stages with them, where for two years they were really into karate and I had to get all of these karate outfits [laughs]. They did karate with the helmets and I had to get all of this stuff for everyone. Then there was the ice-skating phase, and now it is the gymnastics and the soccer phase.”

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She continues, “My older son Henry, who is eight years old, is really into flag football now. He is the running back and is quite good! They all were fighting over him and I was like, ‘He’s eight years old! Really, you guys are fighting over that already?’ Those dads are hardcore. [laughs] They want to get the best players, but at this age, I didn’t know because I am from Germany and I am just learning about football. It took me the longest time to realize where he has to run to and what he has to do!”

On balancing four kids and a successful career:  “I think I do it like other working moms, it’s just that for me, other people get to see it because I am on TV and do different things. When other moms go to an office from nine to five, I go into a studio and shoot something. It’s the same, but it just looks different from the outside. My hours are similar and I’m quite lucky that I have the weekends off and can ask to start earlier so that I can come home earlier. I have a lot more freedom, in a way. I don’t have a boss, let’s say, where you have to be there at a certain time and stay until a certain time. I am very lucky in that way, as I can say, ‘I want to start earlier because I want to be home for dinner.’ [laughs] It’s great, because I can have both; I can work and be there for my family.”

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