Tamar Braxton And Amber Rose Show Off Their Boys


It’s a celebrity mom playdate! Amber Rose and Tamar Braxton spent some time together this weekend, along with their kiddos!  Amber’s little guy Sebastian was not amused by the Instagram shot and wanted out!  Amber joked “Lol Bash damn near fell outta my arms he didn’t wanna take this pic at all! Hey Tamar hey Logan!”

Tamar’s son Logan, who is now nine months old, is the spitting image of his mommy!

It looks like the celeb moms are at a movie theater?  At least that’s what I’m getting from the spilled popcorn on the floor behind them.  Maybe they tried to take them to see their first movie?  How old were your kids when you took them to the theater for the first time?

Photo by Instagram

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