Back To Work After Maternity Leave



 The babymoon is over for Kirsten Storms.  The General Hospital star gave birth to her daughter Harper just eight weeks ago and is now heading back to work.  Kirsten Tweeted the photo above of her husband, Brandon Barash and their sweet Harper, “Out with these two cuties on my last day of maternity leave.”

The following day Kirsten shared some pictures of herself back in the makeup chair at GH.  Kirsten’s character has been on an “eat, pray, love” journey around the world during her maternity leave to explain her being MIA.

Kirsten will have plenty of chances to snuggle her daughter at work, though!  She showed off a picture of Harper’s pack and play set up in her dressing room.

We’re sorry that her leave came to an end, but we’re super excited to have her back on General Hospital soon!

Photo by Instagram

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